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Genesis SoundPak

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Genesis SoundPak

The Genesis SoundPak Provides you Natural Ambience for your Footage. Organized into 140 Tracks and 5 Simple Categories:

Coastal | Nature | Urban/Sub-Urban | Transportation | Foley & Transitions

  • Sounds in WAV & MP3 Formats
  • Designed for Creatives
  • Mastered Professionally

Our mission is to provide sounds for aerial artists. Genesis SoundPak is here to enhance your drone videos by allowing you to easily add sounds that bring them to life. The soundpak contains 100+ original tracks of natural ambience so you have the variety of audio you need for any project.

Genesis also provides you with foley tracks and audio transitions to combine with the natural sounds. With one simple download, all your sounds will be together in one place for you to use wherever you please.

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